Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for mastering the Turkish language and culture!

10 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About the Turkish Language

Pop quiz. Which of these statements is true? A) More people speak Turkish than Italian and Greek combined B) The Turkish language is spoken natively in 2 continents but only one country B) The U.S. Government recently labelled Turkish a critical language D) Turkish is the most...


5 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Learn Turkish (and how to do it)

There are hundreds of great reasons to learn a language, like meeting new people, greater job opportunities, easier and more enjoyable travel, building self confidence, and understanding different cultures. Some cognitive psychologists who are a lot smarter than I am even say it boosts memory,...


Insider look at our new iOS app!

BEHIND THE SCENES OF OUR NEW iOS APP Here at the Turkish Language House, we're passionate about creating the most fully comprehensive, innovative resource on the planet for serious Turkish learners. One thing we've noticed is that in 2019, almost 50% of our members are accessing their courses...


How to improve beyond the beginner level (Guest post)

NEW FEATURED GUEST POST We are really excited to have today's blog post featured on one of the most respected language blogs on the internet (and one of our personal favorites as well). Head on over to mezzoguild.com to read our guest post about How to improve beyond the beginning level! We...


The Dunning-Kruger effect: How one chart will completely change the way you learn Turkish

We've all been there. You're having fun, talking with a group of friends when that guy starts blabbering on about how much he knows on such and such topic. Apparently he's an expert on international politics, french cuisine, investment banking strategies, the nuances of roasting coffee, and...


Explaining lengths of time using "-dir" and "boyunca"

"How long have you been a vegetarian?" "How long has it been raining?" "How long have you spoken Turkish better than actual Turks?" If you’ve ever been asked that third question, go ahead and close out this page and delete our website from your browser history. For the rest of us normal...


New listening resources!

You know how passionate we are about immersing yourself in real, authentic Turkish. Because of this, we wanted to provide you with even more great, native listening resources! At the end of most sessions, there is now a lesson entitled "Listening resources" where we have attached videos filled...


How we learned Turkish with stick figure drawings

My wife and I visited Turkey for the first time over 5 years ago. Not long after, we were on an airplane with a handful of suitcases, an overflow of excitement, and not a single word of Turkish. We decided to move to the beautiful city of Izmir on Turkey's western coast, known for it's laid...


The 12 Best Free Resources for Learning Turkish

Everyone wants to learn Turkish. Well, everyone on this website, anyways. The thing is, most resources are either way too expensive or not very beneficial. It seems like there are dozens of dinky little websites with a couple of free grammar notes, some really expensive outdated programs...